We have made our pricing simple. Our prices range from $6.90 to $15 hourly per person and include paddles and balls on site. 

Play against each another

Our prices are $6.90 off-peak $9.90 peak hourly per person when booking you can select the number of members or visitors who are attending with you.

Off Peak: 3am to 12pm Weekdays

Peak: 12pm to 3am Weekendays, and all day weekends

A minimum of 2 players and up to a maximum of 6 players per table.

Play against a robot

If you would like to play against PingPong HQ’s automated robot, the prices are $15 hourly per person.

A minimum of 1 player and up to a maximum of 4 players.


Packages for PingPong HQ Tables and the Robot are available to pre-purchase at a discounted price. 

Booking Guidelines