A number of frequently asked questions have been answered below. For any other questions please contact us at info@pingponghq.com.au

It very simple. Booking online at www.pingponghq.com.au will provide you a unique code that is valid for the length of your booking. This code can be then used at the front entrance of PingPong HQ on the Ping Pad, and it will let you into the premises.

You can stay within Ping Pong HQ for the duration of your booking. You can attend 5 minutes early and stay 5 minutes after your booking. Once your booking time has finished, the lights for the table that was booked will switch off and you can leave.

High resolution CCTV cameras are monitoring the facility inside and outside 24/7. Playing or staying longer than your booking time within PingPong HQ will result in a penalty being charged.

Each table has allocated Paddles and Balls that are accessible once you are inside the facility. However, feel free to bring your own paddles and balls for use at PingPong HQ.

No. Each person on a booking receives a unique code to enter the facility. For security purposes each person must use their unique code to enter the premises.

All attendees in the PingPong HQ facility must be added to the booking as members or as guests whether you play or not and pay the booking fee, unless explicitly agreed previously with PingPong HQ. A penalty will be charged for allowing individuals into the facility that have not paid a booking fee.

If you would like to bring in a group for an event, please contact info@pingponghq.com.au for more information on event planning and pricing.

There are vending machines available within the facility for use after hours. In addition, our affiliated Café, Coffee First is located next door for any drinks and food.

There are female, male and accessible bathrooms available at the back of the complex, and are accessible using keys that are located on the premises.

Yes, our booking system available online at www.pingponghq.com.au provides the times available across all our tables including the Robot table. Select and book your preferred table online.

Yes, as long as there is no booking after you, you can extend the time by logging into your account at www.pingponghq.com.au or buy using the Ping Pong HQ Kiosk located on the premises.

It is recommended that you extend your time on your booking at www.pingponghq.com.au or at the Kiosk to avoid penalties. A 5 minute grace period is provided to pack your equipment and return equipment to its usual location.

If there are any other players who are awaiting to use the table for their booking, please vacate the table immediately.

Yes, you can cancel your booking 24 hours before your booking time for free. If the cancellation is within 24 hours, the full booking fee is non-refundable.

If there are any specific circumstances please email us at info@pingponghq.com.au.

High resolution CCTV cameras are monitoring the facility inside and outside 24/7. In addition, a 24/7 help button is available to trigger in an emergency.

Yes. Please email info@pingponghq.com.au to do so to discuss both event details, booking and catering options.

Only the table booked in your booking can be used for your booking timeframe. If other tables are required, these must be first booked on www.pingponghq.com.au before being played on. Using a table that is not part of your booking will result in a penalty.

No. Neither smoking nor vaping is allowed. If you are caught doing either you may be subject to your account being blocked and a penalty.

Penalties of $500 are applied to those who smoke or vape inside the Ping Pong HQ facility.

No. PingPong HQ does not allow bringing alcohol onto the premises.

Penalties of $500 are applied to those who bring and consume alcohol inside the Ping Pong HQ Facility.

Yes. A number of penalties apply below:

         Staying longer than the allocated booking time after the 5 minute grace period: $100

         Bringing individuals into the facility that are not part of the booking as either a member or a guest: $100

         Smoking or vaping: $500

         Bringing and consuming alcohol: $500

         Cleaning fee as a result of garbage, spilt drinks or dirty equipment as a result of use: $75

         Damaging equipment: Account suspension and cost of equipment