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A number of very experienced coaches are available for one-on-one or group classes. Contact us below for bookings.


Nana Yaw Boateng

Australian champion left handed attacker with a significant number of achievements including:

– National under 17 champion
– Five years eastern regional champion
– Four years national champion
– 2003 all Africa games bronze medallist
– Represented Ghana twice at world championship (France & China) 2003 & 2005 respectively.
– Represented Ghana at commonwealth games (Australia 2006).
– Australia national under 21- mixed double= gold, single= bronze, team event= silver medal
– Australia national open team event gold medal, 2010 Tasmania
– Canberra national open(act) runner’s up, men’s doubles gold.

Availability: Mon 12pm – 6pm, Thur 2pm – 6pm, Fri 4pm – 6pm, Sat 12pm – 8pm, Sun 3pm – 6pm

Vimal Chilukuri

A distinguished former India National Player hailing from Delhi, has left an indelible mark on the table tennis landscape. Between 2012 and 2018, he clinched numerous titles at both the state and district levels, showcasing an exceptional prowess that set him apart as one of the region’s premier players
Currently, Vimal stands as a Division 1 player in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, representing multiple clubs. Undeterred by past accomplishments, he channels his dedication and talent towards reaching even greater heights in the sport. Vimal’s commitment to excellence is evident as he strives for continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of ascending to a higher level of competition.
Availability: Mon-Fri Anytime after 6:30pm, Sat-Sun All Day by appointment.

Geoff Chan

Trained as a double inverted attacker in his youth, Geoff won numerous junior titles culminating in representing Australia at the 2002 World Youth Championships.

Geoff took 20 years off, rediscovering his love for the sport as a self taught frictionless anti spin and modern defender.

Always experimenting with equipment and keeping a keen eye for the latest techniques and trends, at times you may even find him alternating 3 different styles from set to set!

In 2023 he participated at the Australian National Veterans, achieving Bronze in both Individual Singles and Teams.

Geoff’s Order of Merit ranking is #3 in Australia.


#Dark Side Defensive Styles

#Chinese “Power from the Ground” Attacking Theory

#Proud Equipment Junkie – expert brand knowledge, limba vs koto vs hinoki, ply compositions, tacky vs hybrid vs frictionless vs grippy, sponge hardness and oil boosting

Although his achievements are considered acceptable, Geoff’s coaching dream is that the majority of his students will surpass him in both technical ability and achievement.

Monday: Morning to 3pm
Tuesday: All day
Wednesday & Friday: Not available
Weekends: Typically unavailable due to assisting with state junior team and national senior squad team members, please enquire

Tony Andrews

A former Zimbabwean National Player, with over 20 yrs experience playing, who has won numerous titles in Southern Africa, United Kingdom and Slovakia at national levels. Now a family man, I play casually keeping up to date with current trends and the competition.

Playing Style – Right handed Shake grip.
Type of Play – All Round player.

Evenings (Flexible)

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